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Veterinary Surgeon in Orlando, Florida

  • Dr. Salazar is an experienced veterinary surgeon with a broad range of surgical procedures in his portfolio.
  • Every surgery — whether it is a routine neuter or a complicated orthopedic procedure — is handled with the same level of care you would find in a human medical facility; sterile tools and surgical fields, IV catheters and fluids, pre-anesthetic bloodwork regardless of age, anesthesia specifically catered to each pet, and fully-monitored procedures are just a few ways we ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet while under anesthesia.
  • Estimates are provided once a surgical consultation has been completed; scheduling a surgery for your pet is quick and easy!

What surgical procedures are offered at Salazar Veterinary Hospital?

We offer both routine and non-routine surgical procedures at Salazar Veterinary Hospital. Below is a list that includes several of our surgical offerings. Does your pet need a surgery and you do not see it on the list below? Give us a call at (407) 807-6611 and we will let you know if we are able to do the needed surgery.

*Note: We DO NOT offer cosmetic surgeries such as ear cropping or tail docking.*

Surgical Offering:

• Spay and Neuter

• Dental Cleaning

• Dental Extraction (including Full-Mouth Extractions)

• Stomatitis Management (extractions, removal of oral growths, etc.)

• Cutaneous, Subcutaneous, and Internal Mass Removal

• Cystotomy

• Femoral Head Osteotomy

• Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair

• Nephrectomy

• Splenectomy

• Exploratory Surgery

• Amputation

• Anal Sacculectomy

• Aural Hematoma Repair

• Pyometra

• Myringotomy

• Entropian

• Enucleation

• Gastropexy (Bloat)

• Mastectomy

• Nasal Wedge Resection

• Soft Palette Resection

• Extensive Wound Repair

• Prolapsed Third Eye (“Cherry Eye”)

• Hernia Repair

• Perenial Urethrostomy

• Vulvoplasty

Call or text Salazar Veterinary Hospital in Orlando, FL today at (407) 807-6611 to schedule your pet’s surgical consultation!

What can I expect when bringing my pet in for a consultation or surgery?

Above all else, your pet’s wellbeing is our priority. With every consultation, we will discuss the benefits and risks associated with the procedure in question, any concerns you may have, and what you can expect leading up to, during, and after your pet’s surgery. Our team will create a detailed estimate for the procedure; once you have reviewed and approved the estimate, we will schedule your pet’s surgery. Additionally, all surgical procedures include the following safety and comfort measures:

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork
  • IV catheter and IV fluids
  • A heated surgery table to maintain body temperature during the procedure (for dental procedures, a forced warm air blower/blanket is used instead)
  • Endotracheal intubation (used to administer oxygen and inhaled anesthetic gases)
  • Anesthesia monitoring
  • Pain medication (during and after the procedure)

We understand that dropping your pet off for surgery is scary! Our highly-trained surgical technician personally checks in each surgical patient, listens to and addresses owner’s concerns, and explains what to expect in terms of communication from our team throughout the day. Pick up times are set for late in the afternoon to allow time for pets to fully recover from anesthesia in a safe, monitored environment. When you pick up your pet, you will be provided with a personalized Discharge Instruction handout which our surgery technician or a veterinarian will review in detail with you. While we strive to anticipate all possible questions and concerns before discharging your pet, we know things can come up once your pet is home and back in your care. We are available via phone, text, or email for any questions that may arise between your pet’s surgery and their recheck appointment.

Why are the estimates I’ve received from other hospitals so vastly different?

Are you noticing price differences between our estimates and those you’ve received from other hospitals? Keep in mind that every veterinary hospital handles their surgical procedures differently and it is best to compare what is INCLUDED within each surgical estimate rather than just the total cost. We pride ourselves on the quality of medicine and care we provide to every patient. Like all other areas of our hospital, we follow the American Veterinary Medical Association’s protocols for canine and feline anesthetic procedures and surgeries. Your pet’s safety and comfort come first, and that is reflected in the details outlined in our surgical estimates.