Our Story

Just weeks after Dr. Salazar and April were married, Dr. Salazar declared, “it’s time to start my own practice.” The couple had dreamed of one day having their own veterinary hospital where Dr. Salazar could practice top-notch medicine and April could manage the business side of things. With a dream in their hearts and no clue what they were getting themselves into, they began looking at existing hospitals that were for sale.
After three years of searching, touring hospitals and never finding the right fit, Dr. Salazar made another declaration: “I’m just going to start my own practice.”
It was an idea he tossed around several times over those three years -- if you’re buying a hospital that you’re going to have to update and overhaul to make it align with your values and dreams, why not just build one from scratch? So that’s exactly what the Salazar’s set out to do.
In December 2018, Dr. Salazar partnered with Blue Heron Consulting Group, applied for a small business loan, and officially created Salazar Veterinary Hospital, LLC.
Finding the right community in which to build the hospital took several months. Then came the lease agreement, selecting the right contractor, and applying for permits. In November 2019, almost a full year after starting the process, construction on Salazar Veterinary Hospital Began
Salazar Veterinary Hospital opened its doors on March 11th, 2020. With massive support from the community we’ve been able to offer high quality vet care in Orlando. We’d love to talk more about our services so please call us today at (407) 807-6611 or stop by our office at 111 Gatlin Ave. Orlando, FL 32806