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Dog & Cat Laser Therapy In Orlando

  • Salazar Veterinary Hospital uses the latest technology for veterinary laser therapy
  • Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment for pain and inflammation
  • Dr. Salazar is a highly-rated veterinarian who utilizes laser therapy after all surgical procedures (excluding potentially cancerous mass removals) to expedite healing
  • Laser therapy is a quick outpatient treatment that can often be used in place of traditional medications for pain management

What Is Veterinary Laser Therapy?

At its simplest, laser therapy is the application of light to living organisms to improve health. However, great detail exists behind this simple idea. The wavelength and power of the laser, the location and duration of exposure, the number of treatments, and many other variables are crucial to achieve the desired effects. The laser kicks cells into high gear, stimulating regrowth and repair of damaged tissue, in addition to churning out molecules that facilitate blood circulation and transport of nutrients, which aids in decreasing inflammatory responses. The promise of results from Companion Animal Health Laser Therapy sessions is backed by extensive research. Want to learn more about it? Check out their website at Companion Animal Health where you will find links to published case studies, in-depth scientific research, and more!

When and How Are Laser Treatments Administered?

We use laser therapy for a variety of conditions, including:

- Chronic Arthritis

- Surgical Incisions

- Post-Dental Cleanings

- Tendon and Ligament Injuries

- Traumatic Injuries

- Wounds

- Ear Hematomas

Surgical laser treatments are administered immediately following a procedure while the pet is still under anesthesia. All other treatments are administered in an exam room or the treatment area of our hospital. During a treatment session, all humans and pets within six feet of the laser must wear protective eye gear (which is provided). A handheld laser wand is slowly moved back and forth over the target area, producing a warm, pleasant sensation that most pets seem to enjoy and find relaxing. Sessions usually last 15 to 30 minutes, with the number of session sand frequency of treatments being contingent on the condition. Chronic conditions may be treated on a tapering schedule with weekly maintenance, whereas surgical incisions are treated only once.

Is Laser Therapy Safe for Pets?

Veterinary laser therapy is safe when performed correctly, using the proper settings and treatment durations. For any of our team members to perform laser therapy on a pet, they must first complete a certification course provided by Companion Animal Health, demonstrate proficiency, and follow all safety protocols.

Laser therapy is never performed in or around the eyes, as the light can cause permanent damage to the eyes. In fact, any person or pet within six feet of the laser when it is in use must wear protective eye gear (you’ll want to take a picture of your pet in their “doggles”)! Additionally, laser therapy is never used on cancers or anything that could potentially be cancerous. Since the laser stimulates cell regrowth and it cannot differentiate between good cells and cancerous cells, we avoid using the laser on any areas that fall into this category