Why does your Dog need a Rabies Vaccine in Orlando, FL

Rabies is such a serious, fatal disease, and vaccination is the only way to keep you and your pet safe. The vaccine can protect pets from developing the disease if they have been exposed. It is considered a core vaccine and required by law in most countries even if your dog or cat is indoor-only pet veterinarians recommend taking it. Keeping your furry friend current with their rabies vaccines is essential for their health. Here is what you should know about rabies vaccinations.


Rabies is a dangerous disease, caused by a virus in the genus Lyssavirus that spreads from mammal to mammal very quickly through the saliva of an infected animal through bites, even a bite or scratch is enough to create an open wound where the virus can get in. The incubation period varies widely; in domestic animals, it is usually 3-12 weeks but can range from several days to months. It can be treated immediately after exposure but it is also usually fatal once the symptoms start to develop.


It’s always important to know the signs of rabies in dogs so you can prevent the disease to become more serious, it can start as something as your dog’s temperament changing and then as the disease continues to progress, your pet may become aggressive and display other strange behaviors. 

Some other signs you should take into consideration: inappetence, difficulty swallowing, abnormal behavior, loss of coordination, paralysis, and seizures.


While some rabies vaccinations are labeled as being effective for either one year to three years, though the actual contents of the vaccine may be the same, some states require annual vaccination regardless of labeling.


There can be times that some side effects appear after a rabies vaccine, they can start within hours of the vaccination but should go away in a day or two. Some of the common side effects can include fever, mild discomfort at the vaccination site, and a decreased appetite and activity level. In case that these symptoms continue longer than a few days, your veterinarian at Salazar Veterinary Hospital can help you, so it’s a good idea to contact them. 

If your pet only needs a rabies vaccine, whether it’s their first time or a boost, you should still schedule a visit for your furry friend to Salazar Veterinary Hospital. Regular exams are the most important preventive measure that you can provide for your dog, and vaccinations are just one of the best ways you can help them.

For more information on rabies or scheduling a visit for your pet vaccinations in Orlando, you can contact us today, we will help you with all your questions!