Tips for new cat owners in Orlando

If you’re bringing home your first cat, it’s extremely important to prepare ahead of time, because it is a major decision. Although cats have earned a reputation for being more independent than other pets, they still require time, effort, and money to care for. Here are some things you need to have in mind, if you are new to having cats.


Litter boxes are so convenient, but they can get messy if you don’t clean them out properly.  But whatever type of box you choose, make sure it’s large enough. As long as you keep your cat’s litter box clean and choose a litter that doesn’t irritate them, most cats are more than happy to consistently use their litter box.


It’s important to do your research on foods and choose the one that meets both your cat’s needs and your budget. Because in the long run giving your cat the best quality food can keep them away from a visit to the doctor and save a lot of money.


Cats are individualistic creatures with strong instincts, and sometimes they may take time to warm up and adjust, the same goes for you to adapt to their unique personalities and behaviors. They offer love and companionship, but as a cat owner, you also have to put in the time and effort to build a relationship with them.


Cats and kittens love their playtime! Getting a few types of toys like toy mice, string, feathers, and even empty boxes can keep them entertained. They don’t need to be expensive, just make sure it has your cat’s preference, if you get one he doesn't like, keep trying until you find something he does.


You need to groom your cat constantly! Because you’re going to start seeing cat hair everywhere, investing in reliable grooming tools is important because they need grooming to some extent.


The best way to prevent claw marks on your furniture or belongings that are in your house, a great idea is to place a scratcher in a few places around or where you might think your cat hangs out. These could be scratching posts, scratching pads, or a corrugated cardboard scratcher.


It’s always good to keep treats around to reward your cat. You can look for these wherever you buy things for your cat, and choose from the many flavors that your feline might like: chicken, fish, beef, cheese, salmon, tartar control, and even catnip.


One of the first things you’ll have to do is get a great veterinarian for your cat, preferably nearby. Even before you bring your new cat home, you take it for a checkup and immunizations. This can mean the difference between a healthy and happy cat. Your vet will advise you about how often your feline needs to be seen for regular check-ups later.

Do you have any more questions about your new cat, when to bring them to the vet? What vaccines do they need? Contact us today, we can help you with all the info you need!