Digital Radiology for Dogs in Orlando, FL

Digital Radiology for Dogs can be an important tool in diagnosing any issue in case your pet gets sick. With Digital Radiology, which refers to the creation of digital radiographic images that don't use film, our veterinarians in Orlando have many advantages when diagnosing patients than if they were using traditional radiography, such as improved imaging latitude, higher image quality, and improved patient care. Using Digital Radiology to determine your pet’s health is incredibly important since Digital X-Rays allow us to see the bones, roots, and internal anatomy of teeth better. Some diseases that dogs suffer from create damage internally, where neither you nor your veterinarian at Salazar Veterinary Hospital can see it with the naked eye. 

There are many differences between digital x-rays and traditional x-rays, but some of the most important are: Digital x-rays provide images without the use of film, allowing the development of higher quality images and importantly, they create less exposure to radiation to your pet. Digital Radiology creates digital images for easy storage and requires fewer takes which allows your pet to feel less distressed during the process, as being forced to stay still over long periods of time is not comfortable for a pet, especially when it is unwell.

The risk of radiation exposure for your dog is significantly lower with digital x-rays than with the traditional x-ray process, exposure is nearly non-existent, digital radiotherapy only exposes your dog or cat to a small dose of radiation, which is completely harmless. 

Digital x-rays enables veterinarians to quickly find the cause of pain or distress a pet might be experiencing, and help them to design an effective treatment. 

Benefits of digital radiography.

  • Salazar Veterinary Hospital’s vets can obtain the image, make a diagnosis, and discuss the next steps with clients within minutes. This technology makes it possible to get x-ray images in high quality quickly, eliminating the need for retakes that cause frustration and waste time. 
  • Digital x-rays have higher contrast resolution that allows our staff to see in detail the source of the problem in a single image. Having the best treatment and care for all pets with the safest and most effective solutions available is indispensable.
  • Digital radiography is considered friendly to the environment since x-ray images are stored on a computer as files and can be emailed to clients or specialists for quick and easy viewing. You’ll never have to worry about losing or damaging those large x-ray film printouts anymore, instead only in backing up the files on the internet or on a USB. 

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